But what to talk about?

So you have have joined Toastmasters and you are the thinking what do I talk about? I must admit I love this process.

Why ?

For me it’s the unexpected benefit of public speaking and not often spoken about. Its the introspection needed to craft a speech. The reflection on your life and the re- living of memories.

I have re-lived bonfire nights and childhood memories, told stories of seeing tiger and talked about my love of books.

Themed nights are great at the club as we have a topic that we focus on and weave it into the evening. These have included inspiration,animals and jobs .

Pathways are educational program will get you to focus on a speech topic. In the past year I have to do a speech on my communication style which involved me observing and note taking on my Communcation style and deliver a speech on my findings. This was guided through the tutorials on my Path.

One of my favourite speeches and most nerve wracking was I had to do a speech about someone who had mentored me. Firstly I thought of all the people that had helped me on the way and then focussed on one particular colleague. I wrote the speech and decided I would invite him.

Asked him to attend and he really didn’t know why I had asked him. As my nervy speech unfolded it dawned on him that he was the subject. He looked surprised,delighted and come the end emotional. He said that it meant the world to him , his friendship did to me so it seemed a fair trade.

Every time I have got up and spoken I have learnt something about myself . Internalised and relived an experience and learning to be a better speaker and storyteller just seems an added bonus!


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