It keeps growing!

I joined Toastemasters to improve my communication skills and then I became obsessed with everyone’s!

I now look at everyone and wonder and learn. It can be a meeting at work, my daughter around the dinner table or waiter in a restaurant.People are leaking there emotions through their body and words.

Are they joyfully throwing their arms like my daughter when she speaks or is it the warm smile the waiter gave me.

Politicians on the TV , their style and quirks . What made me believe them? What made me uneasy ? Of course it’s the words. I am fascinated by the way Donald Trump speaks , his choices of words and gestures.

The links from Saturday night tv hosts and live news reporting and the slick links they use. I marvel at their skill. They make it look it easy and it really isn’t.

I seeing all speaking as a craft and skill . Something you can hone and polish.Learn to do it and it can touch every facet of your life. Another reason to love Toastmasters !


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