Time to give back!

I have never been on a committee for anything. Had never been asked and never thought about being on one. I was asked if I would be interested in joining our clubs committee and thought I would take a look.

Now I had reservations, I have two kids ,full time job and like everyone else I am trying to keep fit and balance everything. I am really conscience that I have time for the important things.

This plays out against wanting to make a contribution and pushing myself. The biggest factor in me wishing to find out about our committee is that I wanted to give back to the club. I have had such enjoyable experience that I wanted to help if I could. Pass on what I have learnt and the enjoyment I have had.

The first committee meeting that I observed I was taken aback by the dedication of these volunteers. Websites, finances, room bookings, printing agendas , the list was endless. Everything was thought of , especially the cake and nibbles to keep the meeting flowing ( it’s worth joining for the nibbles).

I was asked if I would be Pathways champion. This at the time the time was the new education program Toastmasters was rolling out. Of course I would do it I was looking for a challenge after completing the Competent communication manual.

I enjoyed learning about it and I enjoyed helping the members discover it’s potential. It was great talking to someone and knowing they had 11 unique paths they could follow from Visionary Leadership to Presentation Mastery , it had something for everyone.

This was followed up with becoming Vice President of Education, I would be looking after meeting agendas and making sure our members hit their educational goals. It was another step up and again something I enjoy doing.

I love talking to members about their goals and aspirations and how we can help. I always think it’s such a privilege to be part of it. I am always impressed that although people come from many different fields and have many different challenges they all want to better themselves.

Often as I drive home after a meeting I think we created that. The beautiful laid out room, agenda ,the equipment, the atmosphere and all that energy .

So if you are ever asked , say yes,I don’t think you’ll regret being part of a committee!


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